Consumer Proposal

What is a Consumer Proposal?

Consumer ProposalAccording to Federal Government statistics making a consumer proposal, sometimes referred to as debt settlement proposals,  or “offer” to settle with creditors is a growing trend across Canada.

  • Although part of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (“BIA”), Consumer Proposals are distinctly different than bankruptcy. Some of the main differences are that a person’s assets do not vest with a trustee and a person’s credit history is less severely impacted.
  • Consumer Proposals offer a means to repay creditors in full, or in part, over a period of time.
  • Consumer Proposals must offer creditors more than what they would receive in bankruptcy.
  • Most collection action is suspended after a debt settlement proposal is filed including income tax debt and garnishees.
  • There are two types of debt settlement proposals that can be filed:

Division 1 proposal for large amounts of debt or complicated situation or alternatively; Consumer proposals for a lesser amount of debts.

  • One can be very creative in structuring a debt settlement proposal in order to allow some financial breathing room at the end of each month or during off season work periods such as fire shutdown.
  • Creditors generally react favourably to Proposals because a Proposal will provide for a greater recovery than bankruptcy.
  • A thorough detailed analysis of your financial situation is required to properly evaluate if a debt settlement proposal is suitable. This would include reviewing type and amount of debt, monthly income and living expenses, number of people in the household, age, and desire to repay.

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