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The city of Powell River


Did you know that Powell River was once known as the White City? This is because the mill provided free electricity to the town and encouraged everyone to leave their lights on. As a result, in the winter, the town glowed on an otherwise mostly dark coast. Unfortunately, the mill has had to downsize over the years but Powell River has shown tremendous resiliency and remains a beautiful place to live. We would enjoy meeting you in our Powell River office as we know you love not having to take the ferry.


The high cost of living caused me to rely on credit cards. Your advice and comments have been an immense help to me and although, at first, I was overcome with embarrassment, our meetings have increased my self-confidence and my ambitions. ~ M.D.

Reduce Your Financial Stress

If you find yourself facing financial difficulties or unmanageable debt, we are here to help. Services include:

Credit Counselling

Credit counselling can take different forms, from budgeting and money management help, to working out an informal arrangement with your creditors that would result in a lower monthly payment. 

Consumer Proposal

Also known as a debt settlement proposal, a Consumer Proposal is an offer to settle with creditors, repaying in full, or in part, over a period of time. We'll guide you through the process. 

Personal Bankruptcy

This is sometimes the most sensible option, depending on your circumstances. We have years of training and experience to help you understand and go through the process. 


We Can Help

Our Powell River office is located at 4493A Marine Drive which is just north of the Rocky Mountain Bakery on the ground floor. From our Powell River office we are pleased to provide insolvency services to Powell River, Lund, Texada Island and the surrounding area and islands.


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4493A Marine Drive
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4493A Marine Avenue
Powell River, BC V8A 2K3
(by appointment only)