medical bankruptcies

Medical Bankruptcies: Solutions to Help with Medical Conditions

Can medical bankruptcies help you deal with debt caused by pricey doctor bills and hospital bills? Some illnesses or medical conditions come with unexpected costs – expenses that can push you to medical debt.

We often meet with individuals who are struggling with finances due to interruption in their income as a cause of medical problems.  That could be their own medical problem, they got injured at work or possibly they are dealing with an illness in the household to a spouse or to a child, which creates a lot of extra travel and expenses.  We have debt solutions that can help in those situations and bring financial relief.

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Derek L. Chase, CPA, CA, LIT

Being able to offer debt help assistance to individuals and corporations on a more intimate basis was a driving force in completing a “second CPA” by becoming licensed by the Federal Government as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (previously Trustee in Bankruptcy) in 1997. It is extremely satisfying to be able to witness lives change for the positive due to a restructuring of financial affairs.